Mikael Hultgren  —   I'm a coder, baker and climber, by day I code for a living and by night I develop apps for the  landscape of devices. You can find me as “blomma” on Twitter and Github.


I miss the Commodore 64 days of gaming, not that the games itself were so fantastic (but they were) but more so the fact that gaming back then was a commitment of sorts and not just merely a chance to fill up 5 minutes between things we do.

We seem to fear boredom like nothing else, I see it all the time on the subways, we bring books, read a newspaper or more likely fiddle around on our very smart phones. So this is my advice to you all, embrace boredom, next time you have the urge to do something to just fill up time don’t, be bored, let your mind wander and see were it takes you, and if you ever find the urge to play a game try to commit to it fully, not just as a means to fill up time, but as an experience in itself and i think you will find it infinitely more rewarding.