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Why isn’t travel time to/from work counted as work? As soon as you leave for work you are committed, it’s no longer your time. We fill it with reading, listening to music and a fair number of us spend it preparing for work, thinking about what we should do, how we should do it. From an employers standpoint it seems cut and dry, but imagine if you were offered a job that included the travel time in the working hours. Think about how much time you spend each day just getting to and from work, how much would it be worth to you to have that time back? A lot I’m willing to bet. And yes, I see the potential for abuse here, but then again, why would you hire someone to work for you if you didn’t trust them.

It seems weird to me, employers try to attract you with salaries, interesting jobs and whathaveyounot perks, but time seldom seems to be on the table of offers and yet that is the resource we have the least of.

Or maybe it is just me…