Mikael Hultgren  —   I'm a coder, baker and climber, by day I code for a living and by night I develop apps for the  landscape of devices. You can find me as “blomma” on Twitter and Github.


I miss the Commodore 64 days of gaming, not that the games itself were so fantastic (but they were) but more so the fact that gaming back then was a commitment of sorts and not just merely a chance to fill up 5 minutes between things we do.

We seem to fear boredom like nothing else, I see it all the time on the subways, we bring books, read a newspaper or more likely fiddle around on our very smart phones. So this is my advice to you all, embrace boredom, next time you have the urge to do something to just fill up time don’t, be bored, let your mind wander and see were it takes you, and if you ever find the urge to play a game try to commit to it fully, not just as a means to fill up time, but as an experience in itself and i think you will find it infinitely more rewarding.


The thing I’ve been struggling with for a couple of weeks on and off is getting the touch behaviour of the hands on the “clock” and as it turns out i finally made good use of my trigonometry from school. But even with that cache of knowledge it was still a bit of a uphill struggle, from basic understanding on how touch behavior works in IOS( hint: it is more sophisticated and refined than one thinks) to frames, bounds, position and anchorpoint, oh my.

And last night i figured out the last vexing behavior, the hand was following my touch, but not in a circle, more like a oval shape, as i turns out, calculating center position is kinda important and was the culprit. But now, now it tracks.

On place that proved a real help was http://www.raywenderlich.com/9864/how-to-create-a-rotating-wheel-control-with-uikit


Thought out how the time wheel should function, two handles around a clock face, one showing Start and one showing Now.

They should have the following constraints

Start <= Now
Now <= Current time
Now >= Start

And with that in mind i have an initial implementation of a scroll wheel


So I've been back and forth between Acorn and Pixelmator, previously i had a license for Acorn 2 and liked it, but i thought i would give both of them a fair shake. So I've been trying out Pixelmator 2 and Acorn 3, both are nice, Pixelmator has an annoying bug that made it impossible to scroll with an external mouse, they say that they are aware of the issue but had no timeline for the fix, fair enough and not really a deal breaker. What is a deal breaker is the latest update to Pixelmator, 2.0.4, previously they had Auto Save/Versions on by default and you could turn it off thru the command line

defaults -currentHost write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator "disableAutosave" -bool YES

I have… opinions about the use of command line settings like this for what is a major feature, in short, don't be lazy and instead expose it thru a proper UI setting, but again, fair enough, the options was there, everyone was happy, you either had your cake or you ate it.

Now in 2.0.4 they introduced something called

Improved workflow for opening documents (click here to view a short video)

which basically disables Auto Save/Versions for every format except the native pxm format. Now this is IMHO a stupendously bad move, that fixes what problem exactly? If you dislike Auto Save/Versions why would you want it just on the pxm format and if you like Auto Save/Versions why would you want it on just on the pxm format?

It boggles the mind what drove them to come up with this "feature", but thats not all, this also effectively breaks the "Edit with…" command in Aperture. I can open things in Pixelmator from Aperture, but i can't save them back.

Now, not everyone likes the Auto Save/Versions feature of Lion, i myself love it to bits, but i can see the other side of the fence on this one. And most apps these days seems to have a way of disabling it, but for the love of Julius Ceasars beard, either you implement it fully or you don't implement it at all. Oh yes, as a part of this new feature they automatically convert the document into pxm native format on open and you have to explicitly export it to save it into another format. Jesus, the more think about it the more i realize how much they borked what was already functioning. And to boot they made it more of a hassle to just open up a picture for a quick edit and then resave, what was once a few simple keystrokes now has to involve the mouse.

In short, a wee bit of a failure there Pixelmator.


A first glimpse of what will of course be a glorious iOS application, perhaps…

Also the background of the application is the same as this page so it's not just a disembodied spirit floating on your screen.

First screen