Mikael Hultgren  —   I'm a coder, baker and climber, by day I code for a living and by night I develop apps for the  landscape of devices. You can find me as “blomma” on Twitter and Github.


For the last oh say half hour I’ve been struggling with this boulder problem, I’ve seen it done one time with a technique that my center of gravity (to tall) is unkind to. So banging my body against this problem, seemingly getting nowhere and wondering what I am doing wrong. And the simple answer is… nothing, absolutely nothing, I’m simply learning. With each attempt I’m getting a bit more strong (and more tired, which is why I’m typing this sipping on a cup of earl green) and learning to adjust my body a bit better. But more importantly I’m building up a mental picture of me clearing the problem, it doesn’t feel like a problem that can’t be solved, more like a problem that has a solution that I just can’t see yet.

And the fact is I may never solve it, they might remodel the problem away by the time I come here next or I may simply suck to much, who knows. But that doesn’t matter, because as we all know, the path is way more interesting than the goal and the most interesting living you can have is to be on the path as much as possible.

So here I am, sipping my Earl Green, waiting for my muscles to chillax a bit and watching the rest of the climbers do their thing.